A screenshot of the Mint Mobile Account Management Refer-A-Friend screen on both mobile and desktop.

Project Overview

Mint Mobile is a big disrupter in the Wireless industry, re-imagining the wireless shopping experience by making it online-only. As an owner of the Account Management product, I led the creation of a comprehensive design system that helped multiple end-users of the design system create new features and pages easily, while remaining inclusive, consistent, and on brand.

Project Details

My Role
User Interface Design

Project Type
Product Design

Design Systems

Project URLs

Ultra Mobile/Mint Mobile

A screenshot of the Mint Mobile account management home screen on both desktop and mobile.
A screenshot of the Mint Mobile Account Management manage plans page.

Mint Mobile Website

Screenshots of a landing page on Mint Mobile's website for both desktop and mobile devices.
A series of four pages that were designed by Stacey for the Mint Mobile website: Purchase confirmation page, Unlimited landing page, Big Wireless Port-In page, and the International Roaming landing page.
A screenshot of the Unlimited landing page on both mobile and desktop.

Other projects