ShipWorks’ Referral Revamp: A Success Story for ShipStation Signups

Project Overview

After Auctane was acquired, one of the goals was to unify our portfolio of brands. Two of Auctane’s products, ShipWorks and ShipStation, are similar products. The former caters to larger e-commerce businesses with warehouses or large volumes, while the latter helps smaller e-commerce businesses.

The goal was to send those smaller businesses, who may have landed on ShipWorks from an ad or an organic search, over to the ShipStation brand where they would be a better fit. The ask was to create an experience that educates the visitor about the ShipStation product with the goal of increasing referral conversions.

I started by creating a diagram of the customer experience:

User Journey map for the ShipWorks-to-ShipStation Referral Experience.

For this project, we opted to add a banner to the home page, update the pricing page, and create a new explainer page that would then send the visitor over to the ShipStation sign up page.

The updated ShipWorks Home page with referral banner.

For the pricing page, the goal was to simplify the page while introducing cross-promotion. A business decision higher up aided this by allowing us to reduce the number of plans.

Another way I chose to simplify was to reduce the amount of text on each tile to include only the critical information the customer needs to make a decision.

Redundant information appearing on all plan tiles was moved beneath the plans to give the critical information the room it needed to do its job.


ShipWorks Pricing page before and after the redesign.

For the referral page, the goal was to educate the customer on the value of ShipStation for smaller e-commerce businesses.

ShipWorks to ShipStation Referral page.

Before this experience was launched, our total number of trial referrals to ShipStation was 5 in the first month of tracking.

Within the first month of launch, this referral experience generated 52 trial signups for ShipStation. 📦

Project Details

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User Interface Design

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Product Design


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